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Download to iPhone/iPad

Method 1:
Enter your email address below and we will send you the download link shortly. Open Mail app on your iPhone/iPad to start the app download. Note: If you don't receive the link, you might have entered the wrong address, or the email has gone to the Trash folder.

Method 2:
Open your QR scanner app, point your camera at the image below and you're connected automatically. If you don't have a QR scanner app yet, check the list we have prepared for you.

Download to PC/Mac

You will go to the iTunes Store to download and install the app. Make sure you have installed iTunes on your PC/Mac.

How to fast install an app to iPhone/iPad?

You can always find the downloaded apps in your personal folder. Take Windows system for example, they are located in: C:\Users\Your Name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications

To install an app/.ipa to your iDevice quick & easy, you can use iFunBox. Just do the following steps.
1. Open iFunBox and connect your device to the computer.
2. Nevigate to iFunBox Classic tab and click on Install App in the menu bar.
3. Locate and open the app/.ipa, the installation will be done within a few seconds.

Here's a more detailed article about .ipa installation. Check it out.