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Kids Math 2

Category: Education
Updated: January 1, 1970
Developer: PawEng, LLC
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The "Kids Math" app series helps children practice math. Focusing on the early grades of school, the "Kids Math" apps lets the children work on simple addition and subtraction problems. Using the "Kids Math" apps is easy. The interface is designed with young children in mind. The problems are presented twice: Once using normal mathematical notation like "1+2" or "4-3", and once using simple sentences illustrating the math problem. The sentences all follow the same structure, which helps children read and understand them. Each problem has four answers to choose from. The child selects the button corresponding to the chosen answer. If the answer is correct, the "Kids Math" app advances to the next question. Otherwise the app stays at the current question until the child gets the answer right. To make it exciting for the children, the "Kids Math" apps will save the current score. The score is the number of correctly answered questions in a row. There are no time limits or timers, so the children can focus on getting the answers right -- and their parents can interrupt at any time without ruining the game for them. The "Kids Math" apps are available at different levels of difficulty: Kids Math 1: Addition of two numbers between zero and 10. Kids Math 2: Addition and subtraction of two numbers between zero and 20. Kids Math 3: Addition of two and three numbers and subtraction of two numbers between zero and 30. Kids Math 4: Addition and substraction of two or three numbers between zero and 100. Kids Mult 1: Multiplication of two numbers up to 12.



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